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Photograph of an Iguana at the bottom of a swimming pool

Here's a photograph looking straight down into the deep end of a swimming pool. 5ft below the surface there can clearly be seen a 3ft (1m) iguana, trying to hide in the crystal clear water, though without much success as it's plain to see it is a perfectly visible large lizard at the bottom of a swimming pool, in water which is not at all murky and not affording the reptile any camouflage or shade from sight. You can even see the shadow of the person taking the photo!

The question is, how to get the iguana out of the pool? I mean, it can't be just left in there, can it?! The story unfolds in an interesting way as Zyra decides to go into the pool to catch the iguana! This tale is told at the Iguana chasing story which is well documented in some detail.

Iguana at the bottom of a swimming pool

This isn't a small lizard, and you can't just reach in and grab it considering the water is 5ft deep. Besides, it is a reptile with a variety of interesting defence modes, including those obviously big claws.

More of the iguana story can be seen here: Iguana chasing story