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Challenge CasinoI wonder what has happened to Challenge Casino

I think that one of the important things about a casino is actually getting paid. It's only fair really. But, curious as it may seem, Zyra's website has advertised Challenge Casino for YEARS and has not been paid. Other places, such as Casino On Net and Lasseters Casino have paid thousands of dollars in affiliate commission.

The mystery took a further turn in June 2005 when it was discovered that the affiliate links were being REDIRECTED as a 404 error and so in effect business was just being claimed and we were working for nothing.

The casino has even been given a dedicated page. See Challenge Casino dedicated page. This would be very good for business. So it would be nice if the affiliate links worked and we were paid.

So, what's the best thing to do about it? How can we recover all that commission on the money which this website has made over the years for the casino?

In case Challenge Casino would like to sort this out, our link was http://www.challengecasino.com/master.php?caption=welcome&Btag=REF360 , but of course this has been taken down now the problem has been discovered, thanks to Xenu's Link Sleuth!

I hope this is mended and we get paid. In the meantime, customers, you are welcome to visit such places as Casino On Net and Lasseters Casino and many other places on the Gambling page, as well as the online Casino page.

Hopefully something fair will be amicably resolved. Watch this space!

I suppose this page now classes as bunged up now there are no affiliate links. Still, the web address has been given in the text, and the story told.