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In the words of Hairlogic.com, "Part of the hottest trend in healthy hair, Hairlogic.com exclusively offers the first and only patented online Hair Analyzer that determines the true condition of hair, and identifies a corrective treatment and/or maintenance program. The end result is healthy, beautiful, shiny hair that will grow stronger and longer! You will not find this anywhere else. ...Healthy hair just got easy!"

Until recently Hair Logic had an affiliate program with Commission Junction but this has now gone. I would have thought this would have continued, and I'd be interested to find out where the new affiliate program is being run. Let's hope we can continue to be good for business. In the meantime, you can either type in the URL or visit other Hair and Beauty contacts at this site. Also see hair, and beauty and skincare

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http://www.hairlogic.com affiliate program was with Commission Junction but now it's been bunged up