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Welcome to Zyra's webspace at freeserve (or at least it used to be!)

To link to the primary site, please link to ZYRA's PRIMARY SITE

Thanks to freeserve for hosting the webspace here (for a while, some time ago).

This webspace was used for hosting the Pictures of Cats, but after consistently poor search engine rankings it's been moved to a different serverOld Freeserve lamp to see if that makes any difference! See Pictures of Cats. Of course it might not be Freeserve who are to blame, but it needs checking. It would be odd if search engines were prejudiced against Freeserve for being a free webspace, as the main problem with free webspaces such as Geocities is the obtrusive splat-advertising. Freeserve webspace is not guilty of this!

See How to Get a Free Website

Old link: - but now this has been moved to Zyra.TV after freeserve expired the account.

Also note that the sites of Freeserve have moved to Orange!