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Some time ago there was a gambling directory which claimed to be "the largest on-line gambling directory on the web". However, in my gambling page I had quite a few links and a link to them as well, so therefore surely I had more links and they were not the largest gambling directory on the web.

As I said at the time "My directory includes theirs by linking to it, and has some links that aren't in theirs".

They had an affiliate program for a while but it ended. However I'm still here, and I still have a page of bookies and a page of football pools and a lotteries page and another of gambling casinos

There was also an aspect of the situation at one time where the gambling directory in question had a discriminatory policy which was unfairly prejudicial to people, not specifically for their race or nationality, but where they lived. This is known as the regional assumption and is rather quaint.

Later still there was a problem that prohibitionist policies in the USA meant folk there were forbidden to gamble, a bit like the extremist states where alcohol and some other drugs are forbidden. This type of nonsense has no place in a modern world. In the FREE WORLD it's up to you whether you drink, smoke, gamble, and/or take whatever drugs you feel are right for you. If some countries are going to lag behind and have a stuffy view that's their problem, and the problem of the citizens there if they can't depose/overthrow the restrictionist government.

Meanwhile, in the FREE WORLD, characterised by The Internet, you are free to gamble. However, it's upon your own responsibility to gamble sensibly! Good luck! But don't gamble more than you can afford to lose.

Freedom of choice in gambling can be seen at the GAMBLING PAGE

Also see Freedom on the Internet