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Lucky's CasinoLucky's Casino

"Lucky's Casino and Sportsbook is a part of the most lucrative and rapid growth industry on the world wide web today. The online gaming industry has seen a drastic increase in revenue from an annual $600 million in 1998 to a projected $10 billion in 2002. As the industry continues to grow, affiliates of Luckys Casino and Sportsbook will also experience this sharp increase in revenue"

Now see what you think...

LINK HERE TO GO TO THE PLACE! (with cookies) <= no longer working

http://www.luckyscasino.com affiliate program WAS via Commission Junction. Sadly the domain has been lost to cybersquatters

When the affiliate program at Commission Junction ended, Lucky's Casino did not respond to e-mails. There are many possible reasons for this, and we could make some guesses, but in the end it's best to retask the page. If you would like to gamble, that's up to you, and there are some gambling opportunities at the page of casinos. Also, the idea of luck is examined at the Lottery Numbers Book, and at the probability of being struck dead by lightning. We might never know if the gamblers at Lucky's casino were lucky or unlucky, or if there was someone known as "Lucky" who owned the casino and was more lucky than the punters.

To potential customers, punters, gamblers, if you want to see if You'll be more lucky, there are plenty of other places to gamble on: See my page of Gambling

Also see Probabilistic Magic (shareware lucky number program!)

There was a dog whose name was Lucky helping to advertise More Than insurance. But we're not really supposed to say anything about that anymore as Lucky the Dog was mysteriously written out of history by the More Than company, leaving the scope for dogs advertising insurance wide open for Churchill