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Voodoo Magick Box

This electronic gadget, the Voodoo Magick Box, is a fancy gizmo which you attach to your earlobes and become psychoactively charged-up. Described by Voodoo Machine as "The World's First Digital Drug", this is a form of psychedelic tripping whichVoodoo Machine is currently legal in most countries. Does it work? You tell me! Buy it and then e-mail me (see note at end first). I have no reason to doubt it. In fact I would guess that the only reason spoilsport governments haven't tried to ban the Voodoo Machine is that they don't want to give it loads of free publicity and create a blackmarket for it!

The Voodoo Machine Company will tell you all about the Voodoo Magick Box and what it's like to be connected up, how the psychedelicdigital drugs? effects in the mind are so very extraordinary. It's described in some detail on the actual Voodoo Machine site, together with some shpiel about Voodoo and Magick, which whilst quite interesting, has very little to do with the mind-affecting gadget.

Anyway, if you fancy trying drugs, Voodoo Magick Box is a good alternative. It's cheaper to run than a drug habit, avoids various awkward problems such as being busted, and it's not even addictive. Well, at a guess probably as addictive as chocolate. But I'll reserve judgement on that.

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