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Without prejudice, a personal opinion about...


If I was buying a mobile phone, I would not be buying it from THE LINK. My personal opinion is that I would advise against buying mobile phones from THE LINK. There are plenty of other places that sell mobile phones, and I advise shopping around, and avoiding THE LINK! This view has been shaped by my own personal experiences of THE LINK. You might have an entirely different set of experiences and you might have come to an entirely different opinion, but I speak as I find. And I have found things I am not happy about.

I don't doubt the phones they sell aren't too expensive, and I have no reason to doubt the quality of the products on sale. It's just that the UNHELPFULNESS of the company signals a danger sign similar to that which I encountered some years back when I made the stupid mistake of buying a computer from Dixons.

But don't just take my word for it! Try asking a few technical questions, or try to get your money back, or even try asking about the complaints procedure! I have even encountered staff unwilling to reveal the telephone number of head office!

So, therefore, I recommend shopping around other places at THE PAGE OF MOBILE PHONES