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When the dot TK domain thing first started I was very enthusiastic about it. I joined the affiliate program and told people about it and showed that it was possible to get a free domain. I listed people's sites when they'd got a dot tk domain at the page of TK domain websites. The snag is, it has not remained a free domain exactly. What's happened now (2007) is that the affiliate links to http://dottk.directtrack.com/ad/1/CD207 no longer appear to go anywhere (which also means this site doesn't get paid). No-one said this would happen. Also, instead of .TK domains being like the ones you can get from 123 Reg where you have on the website what you want, with no silly adverts, the .TK domains now appear to have frame based advertisements, either down the side or across the top, unless you pay! This has put me off the idea, and I consider I have been led to recommend something inappropriately.

Another affiliate has suggested that the problem is partly because the .TK affiliate program, far from being run on the islands of Tokelau for the benefit of the island people, is in fact run by a company in the USA. Altruism is presumed, and we like to give the people the benefit of the doubt, but this is slightly overshadowed by the sudden unexpected disappearance of the affiliate program and the sudden unexplained imposition of the intrusive advertising.

The domain registry at www.dot.tk seems to have a bit of a problem with their advertising policy. For a long while, there were no ads, and we said WELL DONE, and as there was a decent affiliate program, we said WELL DONE again! However, later on the ridiculous frame-based advertising crept back in, and the affiliate program ceased (not just coming to an end, but failing with the links ceasing to work and us not getting paid), so not so well done. It's difficult, to say the least, to contact www.dot.tk , so what's to be done?!

I have noticed various instances of people giving up on their dot tk domains, presumably because they don't like advertisements, frames and cookies.

It's hard to know what to suggest we do about it, but a good plan for now is to get a domain from 123 Reg, where a .uk domain is inexpensive. Also see advice on choosing a domain name