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.TK sites

Websites which have a dot-TK domain. To sign up to your own DOT TK .tk domain (free) see www.zyra.tk



www.xarob.tk - cybersquatted! Down with cybersquatters!

www.charnwood.tk - cybersquatted! Down with cybersquatters!

www.gothicuk.tk - yet another cybersquatted domain!


www.antz.tk - also www.antzweb.co.uk

www.afloat.tk (gone)

http://myinterzone.tk - another case of cybersquatters

www.photographybybill.tk (gone)

www.pointlesslinks.tk (gone)



www.gravitynet.tk (gone)


www.politicalhumour.tk - another case of cybersquatters

www.villagesincrisis.tk - and another!

www.yokavoda.tk (gone)

www.macorekx.tk - yet another one bytes the dust (down with cybersquatters!).

Pinoy Podcast - that tackles Filipino life and the Pinoy's perspective about things.
- even that has gone, and been cybersquatted! Deplorable!

Please report any bad links if you spot them. Last verified ok 2012/06/16

Also see .TV domains (these cost a bit more)

Yes, it's true, all the people on this list got their domain free by signing up to the different way of doing things at Tokelau!