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Photo of an Iguana near a swimming pool

Seldom do you see an iguana or any other type of lizard by the pool side, even in a tropical place such as Panama. However, this green tropical iguana was there to be seen, about one metre in length (3ft long), although most of that is the tail. So, definitely worth taking a photo. However, on trying to get closer to get a better shot, the lizard decided to flee by jumping into the swimming pool. So began the Tale of The Lizard which is documented in some detail at Zyra.tv along with other quite bizarre adventurous events.

Picture of a Lizard

If you are considering staying at Las Delicias, don't worry about reptiles, as they don't usually venture onto the property. Also, as iguanas are considered edible by many people, and they are probably aware of this fact themselves, they are quite nervous of people, and present no hazard.

More of the iguana story can be seen here: Tale of the Lizard