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Las DeliciasLas Delicias

Cabañas Las Delicias is a small enclosed community in San Carlos, Panama. It consists of four small houses available for short-term rental, with a good sized swimming pool, and a perimeter fence. The design is notable from a social perspective, as each of the residents has their private dwelling, and the houses are surrounded by a communal area, which is enclosed by the perimeter fence. Therefore, neighbours look out for each-other and share an interest in the continued welfare of the entire estate.

In terms of furnished rental properties, these are very generous. Not only is there furniture, but also all the bits and pieces such as pots and pans, plates, knives and forks, towels, paper napkins, allergy-friendly bedlinen, etc. Water is included but you pay for your own electricity. There's free wifi Internet, cable/satellite TV by DirecTV, and other things which a house rental would be good to have.

I speak as I find, and I have stayed in one of the houses of Las Delicias during part of my tax haven evaluation period in Panama, and in my opinion it's good.

Las Delicias is run by Pedro and is rented out by Charla of Panama Sol Realty. Further good news is that Pedro is planning to build more of these properties, which will presumably be as well thought-out as Las Delicias.

The Tale of the LizardAlso see the story about the iguana (such interesting wildlife in Panama generally doesn't venture onto the property, and in any case it's nothing to worry about).

poolThe swimming pool at Las Delicias: