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Rocket Engines in the Science MuseumRockets

Rocket engines and other Space hardware on show at the Science Museum, a place where impressive pieces of machinery can be publically inspected, equipment which might otherwise have been blasted skywards never to return to the Earth, or if it did return, it would probably not arrive softly. Expressions such as "it's not rocket science" need re-examining, as some things can be explained quite well, even if they really are rocket science. Take a closer look at these rocket engine nozzles, and you can see they are pointing in directions which are at an angle. There's a deliberate rotation effect to them. Stuff coming out of the rocket motors would tend to give the spacecraft a bit of spin, making it more stable in flight. Rockets work by action having an opposite reaction, so in this example the rocket would fly turning like a left-handed corkscrew. Also see rocket science explained