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The first thing you notice about Zyra's website is that it is not normal, conventional, or ordinary. Too many websites are like each other! Zyra doesn't do things the conventional way! It's eclectic - there's a variety of taste here, something for everyone. Plus, the site is quite big, and continues to be added to and expanded. See site index! Part of the spirit of the site is that YOU TOO can have a website. More about this off this link here and also on How to get a Free Website. Now Zyra's website has oodles of useful informative pages, and is generously linked to lots of places around the world. Zyra's site makes money by affiliate programs. That is, you can buy via links on this site and the companies pay this site on commission. That's good news if you're the customer, as it doesn't cost you at all! As well having fun here you can use this site like a business directory! See the Shopping Portal and famous named brands

Anyway, on with the guided tour! The front page of my site is index.htm (as it's according to this web plan) and starts off with a picture of me and then we're straight into the options which give different choices of modes of exploration of the site.

ZYRAZyra; individuality/interestingness



...If you like lists and structure, you can get to most places in the site by CATEGORIES which then links to things as if it's a directory. Or for a more associative thinking approach there is a web which starts with CONCEPTS. There is also quite a good SITE INDEX which links to everywhere properly because it's automatically generated by software written here!

Current issue created at Zyra Electric on a particular date and hosted by Vivostar but a long time ago it was hosted at FreeNetName.co.uk

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As well as lists of contacts , characters, and concepts, there are pages of information and opinion. For example, I know some things about computers which might help save you a lot of money, so I've written about that on "advice on buying a computer" and if you suffer from SCHOOL then I've got something to say on "The SCHOOL problem" (link here). I also have controversial ideas about the measurement of time , telephones, and mashed potato too.

The HAIR COLOUR keeps changing. As Zyra has had many different hair colours, a number of strange modelling shots have been accumulated!

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