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LinkShareLinkShare Merchants
Or at least, those featured at Zyra's site

Now we're on good terms with LinkShare again, it seems like a good idea to have a list of merchants to help to keep track of the new pages we're creating. You can see examples of other affiliate marketing company lists here, and it makes good sense for trying to organise the thousands of pages at this site.

Don't worry if at first this list contains old pages, some of which are long-gone! This is largely a function of completeness, and the Linux computer program written here will update this page by detecting which new pages have been created.

The original list is based on LinkShare merchants we had relationships with years ago! It's a checklist of those merchants we used to promote with Linkshare, and who we're trying to get arrangements with, so we can continue to promote them:

10 Dollars.com (An amicable arrangement was reached)

Adventurous Traveler (affiliate program moved somewhere else!)

Biztravel (the affiliate program has GONE, but we aren't sure if the company still exists)

Clik Vacations (affiliate program moved away)

Continental Airlines (affiliate program moved away)

Delta Vacations (affiliate program moved away)

eVineyard / Wine.com * pending

Golfballs.com - WELCOME BACK!

Hotwire * pending, but will require an additional page upon return, probably hotwire2.htm ?

I Debt Help * pending

Linkshare - WELCOME BACK!

McAfee - also with TradeDoubler

Music Yo (seems to have mysteriously vanished)

Museum Shop (seems to have DISAPPEARED!)

Nova International (Gone, and people are asking for their money back)

Priceline - the affiliate program has moved about a bit, and we currently have it with Commission Junction

Ritz Camera - relationship restored a while ago and new links added via CJ

Sessions.edu * pending

Snowtraders * pending

Sony Music Direct - also with CJ

Text Books at Cost - WELCOME BACK!

* The comments with the items in the preceding list may be out of date and subject to update! "Pending" refers to the hope that we may yet get some new arrangement sorted out, most likely via LinkShare! *

And now the new list begins...

Linkshare - WELCOME BACK!

House of Fraser - with both LinkShare and CJ

Golfballs.com - WELCOME BACK! - the dedicated page is resumed

Text Books at Cost - WELCOME BACK! - the dedicated page is resumed

Fortnum and Mason - That's good news!

Forzieri USA

Forzieri UK

...others to be added.

The proposed future of this page: As diplomatic relations have been restored with LinkShare, and as LinkShare have some famous names in their portfolio, there is a reasonable hope that some notable new dedicated pages will added to this list in good time. For example, there could be a page for Macy's like there's been a page for Harrods, and there could be a page for Walmart like there's been a page for Asda, etc. Only time will tell.

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