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One of the Good Things which have a relationship with Sliced Bread

A long time ago, people used to toast bread by using a toasting fork and a fire. This was very satisfying and there is a certain finesse to toasting items on the end of a trident. However, technology has moved on and with the invention of electric toasters, bread can be inserted into the slots, automatically cooked, and then slightly later, ejected.

Typically, electric toasters had two slots, for the simultaneous toasting of two slices of bread. Some toasters had four, but most had two. It was always just accepted and never questioned why slices of bread were toasted in pairs.

Toasters are "often considered a small and almost comical domestic electrical appliance, the electric toaster gets considerable coverage here, but not with a tea towel, of course". Why are toasters amusing though? It could be because pop-up toasters fling the bread up in the air. This has a certain style, and I believe that a pop-up toaster should throw the toast up at least high enough so someone can catch it in mid-air in a well-choreographed move. Some of the early toasters could throw toast about 3ft up in the air. This is good, and is a feature which should be continued. Maybe this should be on the Revivo page?!

Manufacturers of electric toasters include Morphy Richards, who also make other small appliances including kettles

If a cat sits down with its bum on top of the toaster, it is not recommended that the device be energised. It's also not advisable to poke a metal fork into a toaster when it's glowing orange hot and is electrically live. It's also not good to pour tea from a teapot into a toaster as this can result in fizzling and sparking, and if the teapot is made of metal, it can also cause involuntary muscular contractions. However, cheese on toast can be cooked in a toaster, provided the machine is turned through 90 degrees. If doing this, it's best not to put too much cheese on the bread as it can gum up the works. Also, the eject spring mechanism can propel the nicely cooked cheese on toast horizontally with results which are not entirely predictable.Toast on Fax

Hot toast directly from a toaster can be used in conjunction with a fax machine to produce toast-o-graphs which are heat signatures of bread on thermal paper.

A twin-slot pop-up toaster has two slots, as you might expect. However one of them is the primary slot and the other the secondary slot. It's a bit like a master and slave hard disc drive on IDE. However, with a toaster, the primary slot is the one to use if you have only one slice of bread to toast. The primary slot is typically engraved with appropriate wording such as "one slice>"

If you're a Coeliac then gluten and wheat have to be avoided. Gluten-free toast is good, and can be toasted in almost the same sort of way as the standard supermarket plastic bread. However, gluten-free bread doesn't have the normal gluey wheaty stuff to keep it gummed together, and it can release more crumbs which add to the crumb-load in the bottom of the toaster.

A toaster should have a crumb-tray! This is so that when the toaster has collected a substantial quantity of bread-detritus, it can be taken outdoors and emptied to feed the birds. Failing that, periodic burning of the inflammable crumby stuff tends to be done. If there is too much of this, it can cause flames to be seen coming out of the slots on top of the toaster. Early models of toasters were well made and could cope with this, and the internal asbestos and/or mica did not catch fire. In later years this sort of thing was discouraged. It has been found that steel is a much better material from which to make toasters than plastic. Brass or copper would also be good, in a steampunk style.

Of course if a toaster catches fire, it's important to have the digital camera within easy reach so the photographs can be taken quickly to give more time to extinguish the blaze if necessary. Toaster fires need to be observed carefully to make sure they burn out naturally. Otherwise a fire extinguisher needs to be used. CO2 is best for this, rather than water.

There is a page of how to choose Lotto Numbers using Bread but this does not require that the bread be toasted. However, bread available for such purpose has usually been toasted and then allowed to go stale.

Toasters are a obviously a decadent capitalist thing, as they are banned in Communist Cuba! Update (2011), Cuba is starting to become Liberated! Toasters are no longer banned! Soon, other new freedoms will be allowed! Incidentally, if you would like a piece of history of Cuba, you may be interested to know that Fidel Castro's Head is For Sale. It is a waxwork, and it's quite a good likeness to the legendary dictator.

Talking of dictators, Darth Vader at the Star Wars Shop gets a mention on account of the Darth Vader Toaster. This is The Dark Side of Toast, and the appliance can produce slices of toast with appropriately sinister images impressed into them by the differential heating within the machine. It has been speculated that a toaster could be made that had an interface with a computer and could "print onto bread" any image, although the resolution would be quite low.

If you have a toaster, you may notice it may overcook the bread, or it may undercook the bread. Such faults can be remedied by making small adjustments to the toast-o-meter sliding scale, up or down. Once calibrated, the toaster should produce perfect toast every time, although it may require seasonal variations.

Different types of bread that can be toasted include white bread, wholemeal bread, Canned Bread, gluten-free bread, and other types. Crumpets can also be toasted in a toaster, but it is more traditional to use a toasting fork and a blazing fire.

Toast can be spread with butter, margarine, a variety of wittily-named quasi-butterlike spread, lard, pork-dripping, Marmite, jam, marmalade, and other interesting flavoured toppings.

Cheese on Toast is recommendable, and is made using... toast, spread, cheese, and a skillfully timed blast in the microwave oven. If the cheese on toast has more than half a kilogramme of cheese, it requires a longer blast in the microwave oven than if it's just a tiny amount of cheese. That's because microwave ovens cook according to the loading factor, ie how much stuff is being cooked. This is entirely different to boiling eggs, where nomatter how many eggs are being boiled in a saucepan, it still takes four minutes.

If you'd like to get a toaster online, you are welcome to place an order with Morphy Richards or any of the Electrical Shops that have toasters in stock.