What is Zyra's Website?

I run this website Zyra.org.uk , because I am Zyra

To visit the website directly, go to Zyra.org.uk

Most of this website is not about me, but about the things I write about, or to put it another way, things I know about. However, you can see hints in the style which show my character.

Zyra at the Panama CanalI started Zyra.org.uk in July 2000 with FreeNetName, and it has gradually expanded and has done very well. If you're wondering how this website with all this actual content makes money, it's because I have pages about worthwhile companies that have affiliate links, and I get paid if people buy stuff. (more about affiliate stuff here). There's a Shopping Portal and a classified directory and many other pages and features. Anyway, it's a success and I decided I'd prefer to keep the money I made on the Internet rather than to donate 40% of it to the UK government's charitable fund to wage futile wars, bail out bankrupt countries, prop-up unwieldy bureaucracy and an overburdened benefits system, and finance the Olympics. So, I visited some of the world's tax havens and then I upped-sticks and emigrated to tropical Panama where there's no income tax on international income.

I am, in effect, a small business with some style, and this really is the sort of thing which you should support and wish the best of luck to. This has to be better than those big corporations, many of which are uncaring of folk, greedy, and run on the basis of unfair laws rather than on a personal code of chivalry and honour.

Zyra's Website is a very unconventional Internet business. Truth takes priority over hype. This can sometimes upset the companies which are promoted here, but it's got to be that way round to be fair to the customers.

So, you'll see well known shops being written about and an opportunity provided in the form of an affiliate link so you can visit the place, but as well as all their quoted "we are the best shop" type of stuff, there's also comments such as "they don't often break things", or "be wary of that offer because it's not as free as they say it is", etc. For example, the affiliate page about the Amazon Kindle, where the affiliate write-up is not 100% complimentary about the device even though the site is paid on commission. This is because of HONESTY.

Some affiliates are honest, and some are not. However, the Zyra philosophy on this is to be honest because it's right. Also, if people have some commonsense, they'll see good and bad being written about a company makes it more likely to be true. This is in stark contrast with what people are normally given by companies, which is sugar-coated rose-tinted propaganda hyped-up by shouting too loud. Come on companies, give people more credit for having good sense!

So anyway, when you're browsing around Zyra's website, the stuff you'll read has more to do with truth than with sell-sell-sell.

Now doesn't this tempt you to bookmark www.zyra.org.uk into your favourites on your browser, write it on a piece of paper, or learn the name so you know where to come back to?

I'd offer you a cup of tea, but it's difficult to get it out through the monitor screen. However, here's a business card!... which you can print.

To explore Zyra.org.uk , it's worth knowing that it has an alphabetical index like an encyclopaedia, and you can look things up! It's also got classifications of categories. Also, because pages are connected together associatively, it's possible to wander around in virtual space here. Also see How to Find Stuff at Zyra's website. Have fun!

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