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How to Find Stuff on Zyra's site:

If you're finding it tricky to find stuff, and you're saying "but you just can't FIND anything!", it's not because you're daft, and it's not because this site is difficult to find stuff within (like finding a needle in a haystack). The difficulty arises because a lot of websites are over-simplistic and have just a few navigation buttons along the side of the front page, and if you've got used to that conventional way of doing things then this site is perhaps a surprise!

The first easy way to find something at Zyra's website is to look it up in the A..Z index. This is like looking someone up in the phone book, or looking up something in a dictionary, or an encyclopaedia, or in the index in the back of a book. Simple really! Everything is listed in alphabetical order, and you scroll through the list and find it. Librarians will find this easier than illiterate people, but the fact is that anyone who knows their alphabet and has some patience can find what they are looking for relatively easy. Try it now! What are you looking for: Orbits, Chicken hypnosis, Shopping, TV tube smashing? Or anything... give it a try now at the Full A..Z index

If you don't fancy loading such a big page, there is also a more reasonable site index, and a volume index

You do remember books, don't you? Where you could look things up in an A..Z index? Remember how they were more relevant than most searchy things?

Another way to find a lot of things at Zyra's website is to use the consideration that a great many things fit into Categories. This is more like the Yellow Pages than the index in a dictionary, and it's especially useful for finding companies whose line of business is something particular. For example: Banks, car hire, hotels, valuers... If your company is being advertised here, you'll probably find it as quickly that way as you will in the site index. Give it a try now: Look up in Categories

These methods have been used for ages, so you should be familiar with them. In case you're still wondering why the navigation doesn't just consist of a few bullet points, the answer can be seen in the fact that this is a website which has many thousands of pages. It's taken years to create it, and stuff is continually being accumulated, and generally never deleted.

Another thing, as Zyra thinks in concepts not in words, quite a lot of the pages are connected up as in the mind. This also fits with things to do with the future rather than in past history. So, if you find something which has some relation or association to what you are looking for, you can associate from that to whatever you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for the instructions for wiring up a pair of old-style hi-fi loudspeakers to your computer, you could find loudspeakers are not what they used to be, and then associate from there to how to connect speakers to your computer. Or, if you wanted to know how to charge up non-rechargeable batteries, you could start at the Categories, look up Battery Shops, and then from there associate to how to charge non-rechargeable batteries. Concepts link to concepts which link to other concepts.

There are other ways of looking things up at this site, but I'll not go into details about that here. You'll soon get used to it when you explore.

People are in far too much of hurry these days. Well you don't need to be! When you're looking around Zyra's site it is a relief from the normal world and you don't need to rush around as if you're trying to catch a bus that you've missed. Here it's more like when you are on holiday! Notice how museums often aren't rigidly designed for optimum speed of finding specific things? That's because the exploration is part of the entertainment. You browse around and find things serendipitously. Start exploring around and within a few minutes you'll find something or other amazing.

The fun starts here: Zyra's full A..Z site index (hold down the PageDown key if it looks a bit confusing at the beginning!)

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