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Navigation at Zyra's website

In the early Zero-Zeros decade it was fashionable for web-sites to be "navigated" by moving a mouse-pointer around over stuff on the computer screen and by pressing keys such as the up and down arrows. Some sites made things on the screen look like "buttons" which could be pressed. Zyra's website is different. It's best to understand that to go from place to place on this site you have to select links which don't look so obviously like buttons or icons.

Most of the links are pieces of text that are underlined and are in a different colour. Like this!

There are thousands of pages within this site. You can often link onto things that are just a word underlined or made into a different colour. Give a few a try...

Shopping ... Misconceptions ... Shareware Inventions ... etc. Loads of stuff! See it all at the Full Site Index!

Also, try a few links within one of the old Circular Newsletters: Link here for Circular61