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Zyra's Website. Thousands of pages, a site about almost everything. Navigation buttons wouldn't really work for more than a few dozen pages,Zyra's Website so a Site Index was created. This worked well but became too big for some when the list exceeded a thousand pages. Alphabetical sections were the next stage in the development, and after these became too big, encyclopaedia volumes or "Multisections" were devised. The site is also indexed by date to make it easier to keep up with the ongoing expansion. Plus there are descriptive Categories where items are listed by type. If you feel lucky and prefer an entirely serendipitous approach, there's also a random selector where the pages are in random order. Then after Issue75, a reverse index was added where the inverse alphabetical listing goes from Z to A rather than the more conventional direction. Also, just for fun, a reversed sorted and reversed index was added, giving an almost rhyming quality to the indexing.

To sum it up so far, this site is indexed as follows:

Main Site Index
Including the
alphabetical sections

What's New index
Where pages are sorted in date order with the most recently updated at the top of the list.

With brief annotations in case that's any help.

Like a set of books of a multi-volume encyclopaeida (A-Aardvark etc)

Random Order
Good Luck! Just take a chance and visit pages ad-hoc. Also, you can tell which pages you've already visited as the links change colour. No JavaScript was required to do this, however.

Reverse Order
Instead of having myself almost last in the list I thought it would be interesting to have Z at the start, for a change!

Rhyming Order
In effect, items being listed in order of what letter they end with rather than what letter they start with. This was created by reversing the order to make the items appear SDRAWKCAB, then sorting them, and then re-reversing them.

Although some of this is for fun, there is also a serious aspect to this where the site has a reasonably large number of pages. Some people can't understand this and just assume a site has to have just a "normal" number of pages. Zyra's website scorns normality and has thousands of pages spread across multiple web spaces and material diversifying into a wide eclectic range of subject matter. HAVE FUN exploring it! (could take a week to see it all). The pages are linked to each other where there is an associative connection, in effect indexing by concept. More about future prediction here

To avoid being LOST, it's worth knowing that there is a complete list of the pages in this site where you can look things up in alphabetical order here: Full List