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What has happened to the Financial Times affiliate program ?

If you're looking at this page wondering why you've not arrived at the Financial Times to sign up to a free subscription, the essence of the answer is in the question "What's happened to the Financial Times affiliate program?". The thing is, you're reading this at an independent business website where we enjoyed good relations with the Financial Times and with their affiliate marketing company Commission Junction. Then, a year or two later, the affiliate program was taken over by Buy.at . Buy.at was also a good company at the time, and we were happy to continue to promote the Financial Times via Buy.at . The problems started after the takeover of Buy.at by AOL, after which the new contract which was imposed was not agreeable. It was not an agreeable contract to affiliates who actually read the contract and who keep to their word. This was politely and diplomatically pointed out to Buy.at/AOL, but unfortunately they did not seem to grasp the significant business implications. The result was an exodus of merchants links away from the original list at www.zyra.eu/buy-at3.htm , to wherever they had alternative affiliate programs in the market of keen business competition which is the affiliate market. Despite Buy.at suffering a 75% downturn in merchant portfolio quota at this site, Buy.at appeared oblivious to the unfolding crisis.

At the time of writing Issue126 of this website, there are still some important companies whose links need to be moved. One of these is the important business newspaper The Financial Times, whose affiliate program will be welcome here with an affiliate marketing company whose links benefit from continued stability.

Update: The Buy.at problem was subsequently solved, because almost a year after Buy.at was taken over by AOL, Buy.at was put on the market again and taken over by Affiliate Window. Well done to Affiliate Window, as they soon got rid of the bad policies and resumed good diplomacy with the affiliates and merchants and soon recovered the good name of Buy.at to being a good company again. See Buy.at New Review

In the credit crisis, although the financial markets may look bleak, the amount of financial NEWS must be at a high, so now is a time when The Financial Times should be experiencing exceptionally good sales!

To visit The Financial Times, you can put in the web address which is: www.ft.com

We hope the Financial Times will have a new affiliate program soon.