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Glass is a strong, hard material, resilient against weather and almost all acids. However, if it is overstressed, it fails catastrophically, producing dangerous sharp bits.

For something as strong and hard and apparently solid to be transparent is quite a notable feature of the material.

Here are a few interesting items and links about glass...

Glass is a Liquid ?

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The fact that glass can't be rotted or dissolved by acids is a good reason for acids being stored in glass bottles. The exception is hydrofluoric acid, which dissolves glass, and almost everything else, including your bones if you're not extremely careful!

Glass can be made using sand and lime, so it was one of the early materials discovered and put into use. There are glass artifacts dating back thousands of years.

Glass is recyclable, and glass deposit bottles are better even than that. They are reusable! When recycling glass, try to avoid putting Pyrex in with all the glass bottles and stuff. If you think about it, it's very difficult for the recyclers to melt it.