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1&1 America

Hosting and domain registration by 1&1 America (specifically USA and Canada). Did you know, 1&1 is the largest web host in the world? That's what they say at 1and1, and we have no reason to doubt that.

1&1 America

"Hosting Company 1&1 have over 15 yrs industry experience and a global community of over 7 million people. 1&1 combines the web's most affordable hosting prices with friendly service to create an unmatched value.

With so much value, it's easy to see why 1&1 consistently ranks as one of the fastest growing, most reliable hosting companies in the world".

An Innovative Spirit

"Twelve years ago 1&1 started marketing the then new technology of online and telecommunication products.USA Before the Internet had evolved to a recognised level, 1&1 were powering ahead, winning a million subscribers to an early online service specialised for small offices, home-based users, entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized companies. Even in those early days, interactive features such as chat and online banking were offered. That was just the beginning".

Solid Foundations

"From those exciting origins, 1&1 was in an ideal position to expand into flexible and affordable flat-rate solutions for small offices, home-based users, entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized companies.Canada Built upon solid foundations, 1&1 have since lived through every stage of the shift towards global communications. 1&1's decision to go public in 1998 was a major success, with the share price tripling within hours of release. Shareholders are now enjoying an excellent return on their investments".

Plus, at 1and1 they also say "1&1 is one of the largest webhosts in the world with currently over 70,000 servers and more than 11 million registered domains".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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http://order.1and1.com affiliate program is with Commission Junction. This is for 1and1 in the United States and Canada. We also have a page about 1and1 UK

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