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There has never been any need to pay huge amounts for having a website built. So, to prove this, I used to offer webpages built and hosted for £25. This was a good offer, and was available for a long time. But now, (2005), I have found that my own website www.zyra.org.uk has become a success in itself because of such things as the Shopping Portal, and I no longer have time to create websites for anyone else. However, I've kept the page (see below) to show you it's possible there may be other people offering a similar service. Anyone who knows HTML and has some time may be interested in offering something similar. Also, I'm showing How to Get a Free Website, which again nobbles the idea of paying silly amounts of money for having a website done. You don't need a flashy site; You just need a basic site made of real html with a reliable hosting and plenty of people linking to it. I'm currently recommending Vivostar for serious business, but there are still plenty of free ISPs where you pay nothing for the hosting and only pay for the dial-up, and there is no need to put up with silly adverts.

Here is the old page. This is historic rather than current:

ZYRA INTERNET special offer:

I can create a website for you for £25

The offer is this: You pay me £25 and I will create a website for you. This will not be a big snazzy site or anything fancy, but it will be a website, such that you can say "I've got a website and the address is www dot...etc" and it won't cost for hosting or running costs, etc. It will be just a basic page, and then later when you get a full-scale site with your own machine and loads of expensive stuff on it, your first site can LINK to it.

This isn't a gimmick, and there is no "catch". It's not £25 per year, but just a one-off flat fee. The website will last indefinitely. But just don't expect something for nothing, or anything miraculous. I intend to create your website in half an hour.

Here is what you get for £25:

  • A single page of actual website. It can have whatever you like on it, but typically it'll have your company name and address, phone number, a brief and truthful description about your business, links to other sites, etc.
  • A website name you can put on business cards, stationery, advertisements, pens, etc. It will not be a fancy .co.uk or .com address, but to show an example of the name, a film company called Enigma Films has a site named www.zyra.org.uk/enigma.htm , (So, you can see what I'm doing - I'm creating pages on my site and all the hosting etc is done by virtue of the fact that my site continues to run. If you get on a bus you don't need to worry about buying fuel to power the bus, so don't worry about this!)
  • A guarantee that your site will continue to run for six months. It will almost certainly continue for many YEARS, but I have decided to make the guarantee SIX MONTHS because I like to be able to sleep well and I like to be able to keep my promises. In the unlikely event that your site goes offline before the six months is up, you will get your £25 back (but NOT any other incidental costs incurred etc).
  • A good chance of listing at a reasonable position on search engines. This is not guaranteed, but if you've got a name that's uncommon, for example BEADESAURUS, you may be pleasantly surprised to find your website is at Number1 on Google if you type in "Beadesaurus", the top entry is/ (or was) www.zyra.org.uk/bead.htm - see what I mean?!
  • Guaranteed free listing in my Site Index, maybe even several times if appropriate.

The design of the site is going to have to be kept simple, as I intend to be able to build the site in HALF AN HOUR. I don't like typing in loads of stuff, so if you would like me to TYPE, please keep it to less than 200 words. But what I recommend is that you create a TEXT FILE (.txt please - I don't use .doc here!) on a computer and send it to me. If you do this, I don't care if it's 2000 words or more!

So, that's the offer: Your own website for £25, created in half an hour, hosted indefinitely (but with a guarantee of 6 months). I hope you like it and are not disappointed.

Notes and extras:

  • The web address of the site is to be www.zyra.org.uk/***.htm where the blanks represent your company identity. This can be up to eight characters, (no spaces, but it can have letters, numbers, dashes, underlines, etc). (It also has to not clash with anything else on my site). Sorry this is a maximum of eight characters, but it has to work on multiplatform machines here!
  • If you want a picture, that's an extra £5. Please send it as a .jpg (maximum size 30Kb). Or, I'll take a photo myself if you pay for my travel costs!
  • If you want any minor alterations made to your site later (eg. change of phone number), it needn't cost you. Let me know, and if I can do it in less than a minute it's FREE, provided of course you don't ask for this too many times!
  • All the websites automatically have a free reciprocal link with me. This is reasonable to expect, and helps in the interlinking of the site(s).
  • I will use reasonable discretion in what I will or won't accept on such sites. I'll allow almost anything, but if in doubt, ask!
  • One of the things I don't like is inaccurate information, so if you have the misfortune to go out of business at some time, you should let me know, so I can archive-off the page rather than leave inaccurate "phone this number <unobtainable>" information on the site.
  • If you'd like to have a £25 website but would like hundreds of pages as well, you can do this by having a FREE LineOne webspace AND this offer of a £25 website, and have them linked together. All external webspaces linked-to should link back to the £25 website page.
  • If you want a specially-created huge elaborate spectacular website with its own .co.uk / .com / .net etc domain and a dedicated server and etc etc I CAN DO this! But not for £25. However, we can talk, and I may be able to construct something quite good for a sensible price.

To see an example of what a £25 website looks like, take a look at the site of J&B Motorcycles at www.zyra.org.uk/jandb.htm , and the Katmandu shop at www.zyra.org.uk/katmandu.htm , and Spooky's at www.zyra.org.uk/spookys.htm , and the Xyroth personal page at www.zyra.org.uk/xyroth1.htm . I can create something like this for you for £25, and for a bit more I can create something more like the Armes the Ironmongers site at www.zyra.org.uk/armes.htm or the Bycrofts the Butchers site at www.zyra.org.uk/bycrofts.htm

Well, what do you think? I'm not offering anything gimmicky here, it's just a simple website for £25. I would like to give you the best value-for-money possible while still making a profit myself. So, a helpful hint: The more helpful you are in providing me with the original TEXT and info to create the site, the more likely I am to be able to use the rest of the half-hour to make your site more stylish!

Also see ZYRA INTERNET MAIN PAGE for full-size sites.

[invitation to contact me was here]

(This offer available to you anywhere in the world, but payment must be made in POUNDS STERLING, or by other means provided I end up with £25 Sterling).

Note: I have to actually end up with £25. So, if you come here via a B2B brokerage link it may have to be slightly more, so the people who are doing the linking can get paid too! Sorry about that - The original offer was designed for free advertising with the idea that the offer would sell itself by fame / word of mouth. Currently (2001/12) there are NO commission charges, so it's still £25.

[Business card was available here]

Extra notes (2003/10) :

Since the setting up of this offer, one of the other lines of business at Zyra.org.uk has become a success and is making quite a lot of money. There are not enough hours in the day to create enough £25 websites to match that, so therefore the "£25 websites" offer will continue on a "just for fun" basis, as there a much more money coming in from other lines!

The main purpose of the £25 websites business is to prove that WEBSITES DO NOT NEED TO BE EXPENSIVE.

If you find anyone silly enough to try to do websites cheaper than anyone else, you have a choice: You can either force them to do a website for £25 (once-only payment, no rental payments "per year"), or you can be friendly to me and we can come to some kind of arrangement. Quite honestly I'd rather give away FREE websites than to put up with any nonsense!

Extra note 2005/02: Zyra's website itself has become a business success and it's no longer sensible to devote any of my time to create these web pages for you. But don't despair! Here are a few alternatives:

* Get a FREE website. See how to get a free website

* Get someone else who understands HTML to build a basic website for you for a reasonable price, in the same sort of way you might get someone to put up a bookshelf for you.

* Get a reasonably priced hosting at Vivostar (Occasionally, those helpful folk at Vivostar have been persuaded to create a basic website, for a sensible price. If you're interested, it's up to you to negotiate)

* Or, if you really want to have a dedicated page at this site, it's worth knowing that companies such as Argos, HMV, John Lewis, Iceland Frozen Food, Powergen and the Hilton Hotel have managed to get a page here by paying commission on an affiliate program. See the Shopping Portal for a larger list of such places. Can you see now why I've had to stop creating £25 web-pages?

If you'd like a proper website building, see get a website , and if you'd like it built and hosted, contact Vivostar (2012)