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Kays UK

Another good company featured at Zyra's affiliate website

Kays UK - delivery to UK addresses only! Kays Catalogue Company assures us "Kays UK is a site you can recommend with confidence.Kays Lifestyle We offer thousands of top brand products in a variety of categories including womenswear, nursery & childrenswear, menswear, sports & leisure, home & garden, toys & games and gifts & jewellery. Customers want to buy products from a name they can trust so when you link to Kays UK, you can feel comfortable knowing that you linked them to a reliable merchant."

Kays Lifestyle and Choice for You did quite well here at Zyra's affiliate website, and we get on well with the people at the famous shopping catalogue company, so now after the rearrangement with CJ on 1st July 2006, as agreed, we're moving the links for Kays Lifestyle and Choice for You to their friends Littlewoods Even More (LEM) who are part of the same group of companies. The ABOUND shopping catalogue

Choice for You & Kays Lifestyle are part of the Shop Direct Group which joined together with Littlewoods Home Shopping to become Littlewoods Shop Direct Home Shopping Limited in November 2005.

This is all very amicable, and we're happy to promote other companies of the same group, which include: Abound, Additions Direct (Formerly Argos Additions), Bargain Crazy and Innovations

As the friendly people at the Shop Direct Group reliably inform us "Littlewoods Even More already has a successful affiliate program on CJ and is open to accepting new publishers!". This is good news if you are in the affiliate business

LX DirectDuring mid 2006, the Littlewoods Even More brand was promoting its 2006 Summer Collection which included great value fashion, home and garden and sportswear and Electronic summer ranges! As time goes on, with new seasons and trends, it's expected that new promotions will be seen there.

As one of Littlewoods Shop Direct's strongest brands, the LEM team are confident that this is going to do well. LEM 2006: "Littlewoods Even More is one of the most respectedLittlewoods Home Shopping and trusted retailers in the UK and is an exciting brand to work with. With over 40,000 quality products to choose from across a wide range of categories including electrical clothing sportswear home and leisure furniture home entertainment jewellery and clothes, Littlewoods Even More has something for everyone and also includes £15 off all first orders of £25 or more". (correct as far as we know at the time of this publishing (2006)). To find out more, see Littlewoods Even More

In early 2009, further good news! Kays Catalogue is back!Kays The new affiliate program, for Kays UK, features the Kays Catalogue for online shopping. The new tagline is "making life easier" which seems to fit well with the idea of being able to have goods delivered directly to your home rather than having to go out to the shops and brave the UK weather.

So much has happened with Kays that we've now got a new page about the place which you can see here: Kays Catalogue

http://www.kaysnet.com/ affiliate program was with Commission Junction