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What does "Eclectic" mean?

Diverse collections, spanning different genres, mixed-bag sets.

In case you're wondering what the word "eclectic" means, I'll explain: Eclectic means including things that are diverse. Usually you see the word describing a set of things, or a collection, for example "it was an eclectic music collection". If the music collection contained some jazz, and some rock, and some classical, it could be said to be eclectic. However, if it was all Country & Western, then probably not so eclectic.

Note that it's "eclectic" not "electric". Eclectic means a diverse set, whereas electric, well that's voltage and current etc.

Zyra's website is said to be eccentric as well as eclectic. Eccentric is different from the norm, which it is, whereas eclectic means  Zyra's website is eclectic it includes lots of different things which you might not usually see at a website that was about one particular subject. So, here you'll see gluten free mashed potato, tax havens, how to clean a mouse, insurance companies, platinum, and all kinds of other things. That's eclectic. Having lots of different things.

There is another page about Eclectic, but I thought there should be another one. It helps to keep it connected together.