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Corgi - a breed of small dog. A breed favoured by Queen Elizabeth. Tasmanian Devils are described as "an animal about the size of a corgi". This raises a curious concept of what if the queen kept Tasmanian devils instead of corgis? Someone added a comment to the effect that the pack of corgi dogs kept by the queen might be considered "little devils" by some people, especially if they have been bitten around the ankles. Also note that a good hybrid mongrel can be created by crossing a corgi with a similar sized different breed, for example a Jack Russell terrier, as seen at www.charnwood.tk - gone! cybersquatted!

Corgi - gas installer accreditation. Gas fitters in the UK are supposed to be members of CORGI, although not all gas fitters are.

Corgi - collectable model cars. These conveniently miniature sized model cars require less garage space for the collector, in comparison to collecting full sized cars



Tasmanian devils are from Van Dieman's Land, a place whose philatelic history is hinted at via Stamp Demon. Gas fittings are less dangerous if a carbon monoxide detector is fitted. For Corgi toys, also see Toys R Us and other Toy Shops and Collectables