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Tommy Hilfiger GERMANY e-shop / HILFIGER STORES GmbH is an online shop offering the famous Tommy Hilfiger fashionwear for shipping only within Germany. I am an affiliate, and I have looked for hours to find some good content written in German to add to this page to help to advertise Tommy Hilfiger, but I have not found any!

But I can tell you (in English, as I'm not fluent in German) that Tommy Hilfiger is a famous name in fashion, and I can tell you from the news that Tommy Hilfiger sponsors the Royal Belgian Sailing Club in Knokke and is the official sponsor of one of the five teams competing in the Volvo Ocean Race, one of the biggest sail events in the world. Tommy Hilfiger also sponsors European Tour star golfer Nick Dougherty, and ART including “Beyond The Portrait, Young American Photography” in Milan, Italy. Plus, US Freestyle Ski Team in the Deer Valley World Cup event.

Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses are notably featured at many of these fashionable events.

In addition to off-the-peg fashion, Tommy Hilfiger now has special features such as "Personalize Your Denim" using a stitching-machine / Thermo–transfer-machine. "Personalize your Polo Shirt" with the stitching, fabrics, embroidery and monograms that suit your style.

Tommy Hilfiger stores can be seen in Mannheim, Milan, Breda, Warsaw, Vienna, Zürich, and in Beirut, Lebanon.

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Tommy Hilfiger

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We hope that the affiliate program will become international so we can receive commission for promoting Tommy Hilfiger around the world.

Sadly, this page has had to be bunged up, because the affiliate links no longer work. It's a shame, but there are plenty of other fashion places and other famous names which are promoted here.

It's a shame that the folk who run Tommy Hilfiger's business have decided to stop having an affiliate link on this page. Never mind, though, because various other companies featured at this site have Tommy Hilfiger featured. These places include: Designer Discount , Scent Store , Watch Zone , Brand Quarter , Gere Menswear , and Juicy Couture Watches

In the past, there's also Boss Watches , JLo and SoftMoc, all of whom we hope will return and resume being good for business.

Did you know, Tommy Hilfiger is an actual character. His biography is visible here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tommy_Hilfiger