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Originally made from wood which grows on trees, paper exists as thin sheets of durable material which is indefinitely recyclable. Before there was e this and e that, there was paper. Paper was the underpinning substrate of the information revolution before the current one. Most notably as BOOKS, but also as newspapers, magazines, periodicals, etc. Filing and accounting and other financial work. School exercise books, handwritten material, and learning. In engineering, a design might "look good on paper" (ie in theory) but what matters is how it works in the practical world.

A few paper related items at this site:

Papers - newspapers, magazines, etc.

Paper.com - suppliers of paper! "Paper.com is the world's largest online paper source with over 40,000 types of paper for immediate delivery for greeting cards, wedding invitation, business card, office supply, envelope, printable stationery and much more".

Recycling - save a tree!

Paper Mill Direct - a variety of paper products

Papier Mache - art form

Paper Mashy - industrial applications of paper as a building material.

Gerbils - small gerboalike rodents known for instinctively chewing up paper to make their bedding.

Elbow Wiping Paper

Confetti - paper for throwing at a wedding. Also see the company whose name is "Confetti", and Olivetti Confetti (by-product of paper computer punch tape)

Rock Paper Scissors - see rock

A sheet of A4 paper described as "80g" or "eighty gramme" paper is of a thickness such that one square metre of it weighs 80 grammes. A ream of paper is 500 sheets. Enough to write a book! Paper is available from stationers