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ClickXchange Merchants

There are a great many merchants at ClickXchange, and here is a list of the merchants we are promoting here at Zyra's website which includes Zyra.NET and Zyra.org.uk . The list also includes places we used to promote, which is to be expected considering we've been on the ClickXchange network for many years. Anyway, a list of merchants so far...

Yes! Ace Ticket - moved to Commission Junction

Anti Spy Check Removal - gone

Audio Retro - gone

AzureGreen Metaphysical Witchcraft and Occult Store - the affiliate program has been with various companies, and at one time it was with ClickXchange

Yes! Bananashoes - the affiliate program has moved around a bit, but I remember it was at one time with ClickXchange. Now moved to Affiliate Window

Clary Business Machines - moving to LinkShare

Builders-Center.com - the affiliate program disappeared a while back

Get Flowers

Grand Canyon Tour and Travel

Immediate Fiction - the affiliate program has gone

Libeco Home Stores

Mobility Aids - moved to Share-a-Sale

Music Stands Alone

Pharmacy Sources - Ultimate Guide to Online Pharmacies ? - we have ceased to be involved since they got stuck with PayPal

Photos Restored Online - gone

Yes! Puzzle Master - moved to Share-a-Sale

Pyramid Casino - gone - seems to be cybersquatted

RunSeek - gone


Web Intellects - we are in touch

411 Vegas - the affiliate program disappeared a while back

Subject to Corking Up!


Because of the way the software here at Zyra.NET works, this page also links with the Random Page Selector, the Rhyming Order Index , section X , section C , section E , the full site index , a page about Affiliate Marketing Companies , What's new at Zyra's website , section 20 , section 35 , section 117 , and the Index in Z to A order! . ClickXchange has a special mention from the Guide to Good Affiliate Marketing because their Expired Affiliate Programs link to any page nominated by the affiliate. This was (at the time of writing) the only company I know that does such a good thing with affiliate programs that have expired. So, Well Done to ClickXchange !

There is a mystery: Why has ClickXchange disappeared?