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Zanox Merchants

Some of the Merchants we promote via the Zanox affiliate network

There are many hundreds of merchants at Zanox, and it's an affiliate network worth joining. It is a bit more difficult to understand than some other networks, but it's worthwhile if the partnerships are long-term.

Zyra's website has been on the Zanox network for many years, and here are some of the merchants we promote...

MEXX - fashion - (Set the Style)

Haburi - fashion - virtual factory outlet

Zanox - Zanox themselves - well done to them for having a good affiliate recruiter program!

Tchibo - coffee - with something new every week

Germanwings - airline (gone)

T-mobile Deutschland - handy - mobile phones (gone)

Let's hope we can expand the range.

There was a time when Commission Junction had a spree of trying to get all of the Zanox merchants. I am not sure what was behind that!