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Well known fashion store in Germany, Mexx is online for international shopping. Mexx eShops offer the latest collection to addresses in the Netherlands, Germany, and France, and online for international distribution.

In the word of Mexx, "Im offiziellen MEXX-Online-Shop finden Sie die größte MEXX-Auswahl mit über 1.500 Artikeln"

MEXX: "Mexx is a feeling, an attitude. Optimistic, non-conformist, inspiring and fun.MEXX It was inspired by free-spirited people... women who take the path less travelled, men whose glasses are always half full".

"MEXX ist eine der erfolgreichsten Marken weltweit".

"Founded in 1980, Mexx is a global lifestyle brand. We offer a range of fashion apparel and accessories for women, men and children, as well as non-apparel items".

"Mexx products are available internationally via multiple business channels: wholesale, retail and home shopping. You'll find us at over 9,500 selling points in more than 45 countries on 4 continents".

"The Mexx philosophy is inspired by free-spirited, positive thinking individuals who are optimistic, sympathetic, open-minded, inspiring, non-conformist and fun. Simply said: Mexx is an attitude, a lifestyle, a kiss. Whether we are talking product or promotion, people or philosophy, buttons or buildings, we aim to sustain that creative energy in everything we do and produce".

"Mexx offers a full range of fashion and fashion-related products are for customers who are anywhere between 0 and 40 years old. Our lines are for women, men, teens, kids, toddlers and babies. As a true lifestyle brand, our Mexx merchandise extends beyond apparel to include an extensive list of non-apparel products and accessories".

If Mexx is your style, here's the link:


Link here to go to MEXX!

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