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The company Restore Classics has many different sites. They used to be Restore Classics, Restore Mustangs, Restore 4x4, Restore Trucks, and probably a few others too. So, this page used to say "Please select carefully the links, there being a variety of text and banner links here, and then link through to the place! Good luck getting the parts you are looking for". But now, THEY ARE BACK! The new version of the company is promoted as Restore Mustangs, but you can still go via that to Restore Trucks, Restore Jeeps, etc.

The following links have been redirected to that page...

Truck Parts and Accessories

Mustang Parts & Accessories

Jeep Parts & Accessories

GM Vehicle Parts & Accessories

Camaro Parts & Accessories

Truck Parts and Accessories

The affiliate program disappeared and came back, several times, and sometimes these links were "no longer working". If so, then what? Any ideas where there new affiliate program is? Or if the CJ program will be started up again? I hope so. Also see trucks , cars , Jeep Parts , and the crazy review about scrap cars! * Note: The affiliate program has now moved to Affiliate Future USA.

Incidentally, if you are interested in restoring a classic car, you might find some manuals handy. GEARHEAD is a helpful contact for classic motor workshop manuals. There is now a dedicated page for this, but there was in the meantime a provisional link:

However, the Restore Classics program is back, as... Restore Mustangs