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Truck Stuff USA *

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Restore Mustangs *

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DecalDriveway.com * - UV stable vinyl vehicle decals/graphics

Mack Trucks

Volvo Trucks

Britcom International
One of the UK's largest used truck exporters.

Pataco Trucking


Paccar INC Leyland/DAF

Dartford River Crossing

Truck-Busters.co.uk truck parts

DAF Trucks

Scammell - A Celebration

Scammell / Gardner truck enthusiast's site - was http://www.geocities.com/motorcity/1820/


Crossfire dual-tyre pressure equalisation system Welcome back! - was http://www.work9.fsnet.co.uk/cf.htm

Owner Drivers.org.uk - was www.ownerdrivers.org.uk

Tatems - Truck & Trailer Equipment Maintenance Software * - was http://www.tatems.com/?hop=zyra1 - another loss because of the terrible Problem of Clickbank

Arvin Meritor tyre inflation system - was http://www.arvinmeritor.com/products/truckandtrailer/tireinflationsystems.asp

Seddon-Atkinson truck spares

old truck for sale - SOLD! - Leyland Redline post van in need of restoration

www.roads.detr.gov.uk (Gone!)

Tachograph rules at DTLR UK (Gone!)

All in one now www.tan.gov.uk/TANen/index.asp - this has also GONE!

Preheater Control - take manual control of your diesel engine preheaters!

www.a2b-web.co.uk/asylum-seeker/ - Gone! However, Crossfire returns!

What's the Freezing Point of Diesel? - or at what temperature does it go WAXY?

Justice for Drivers - the Europe-wide initiative to ensure fair play for Drivers. (Was http://www.justicefordrivers.org/)

Curious note: It has been said that the term "LORRY" is unknown in the United States ?!