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Palladium metal: shiny metal element palladium. Makes you feel sorry for the stuff now that there is something very bad named after it. Just when you thought Titanium was having tough luck when a well-known ship called "Titanic" sank. But in comparison, when you hear what had happened to Palladium, and the evil which has taken its name, you may consider Titanium was relatively lucky and free of disaster, and poor old Palladium may start to feel glad that it's rare!

Anyway, poetical observations aside, the metal element Palladium is a quality precious metal in the Platinum Group Metals (PGM) set of elements. It appears with Platinum and other rare and very useful metals. It's silver-white, has a density of 12, and has the interesting property of absorbing hydrogen!

Here's a few Palladium metal links:

The site covers palladium’s history, discovery, uses, sources, investment potential and much more, in surprisingly thorough detail.



Palladium.com - about the metal


www.hsamuel.co.uk/webstore/static/guides/precious-metal-buyers-guide/palladium.do - also see H Samuel





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