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Palladium - metal element

Palladium - famous theatre in London

Palladium - something very nasty and anti-freedom by Microsoft and the US Government

Palladium Books - Role-Play specialist bookshop with some interesting stuff

Palladium Conservatories - available from B & Q - "Välkommen till Palladiums hemsida! Livesäsongen har precis avslutats med The Soundtrack Of Our Lives bejublade spelning" (gone)

Palladium - Conservative political site - gone! was

Hollywood Palladium - celebrity security and logistics (was - cybersquatted)

Palladium Systems Inc - an independent computer company Palladium Systems Inc. who provide for Linux as well as Windows - was an Australian band - but now a property company

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Palladium used to be a good name. The high class theatre and the precious metal, and other places who have adopted it, give it an air almost like Mithril. But there is currently (2002) a problem with draconian laws being brought in to the USA to allow Microsoft to control everything, and they've called it "Palladium". So if you've called your business "Palladium" you may wish to consider some expert advice to see if you can sue Microsoft for bringing your good name into disrepute! I can't help with that, but I can at least include you on the Palladium List here. e-mail

Historical note: The original Legend of PALLADIUM was that there was a statue called The Palladium in the ancient city of Troy. It was believed that this had been put there by the gods and somehow protected the city, and it has been said that Palladium means "that which protects and safeguards the institutions and structure of a society or culture". What happened was that when Greek heroes stole the statue, the city fell. The freethinking mind may reason that cities that didn't have such a statue were less vulnerable to being made to fall so easily.