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Other sites in the noble spirit of PROJECT GUTENBERG


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Project Gutenberg ( had a question raised on their general-purpose e-mail forum, where the question was put "Is there another Gutenberg?", ie some other site where you can download free books without copyright restrictions. Indeed there are many such sites, and a few that have been suggested so far (mainly by people corresponding with Project Gutenberg) are as follows:

Project Runeberg - Scandinavian

Aozora Bunko - Japanese e-texts

Tititudorancea - tales

Don Harlow's Esperanto Literature Collection - was

2000 online free books at Bibliomania if you can find them!

Renascence Editions - An Online Repository of Works Printed in English Between the Years 1477 and 1799 - was

The Prospect of Immortality by Robert Ettinger

Engines of Creation by K Eric Drexler (at the Foresight Institute)

Digital Library Uppen:

Free Books

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing by Steven W. Smith, Ph.D. California Technical Publishing looks interesting too!

O'Reilly Publications also give away some books! For example Learning Debian Linux (Online Book) - yes, well ok you've got to read the books ONLINE, (or buy them!), so BUY! (see bookshops) or unmetered access connection or broadband

Did you know? Free books will work on the Amazon Kindle?

If you know of any other sites, please e-mail and we'll try to get them included them in the list.