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Elephant Insurance

reviewed at Zyra's independent website

Here at Zyra's website many different insurance companies are featured. So, you'd expect The Elephant Insurance to be included. Considering how many well known names in insurance are here, at such pages as car insurance, home insurance, etc, surely The Elephant would fit in nicely. They'd be up there with the competition, and with customers looking for insurance eager to find out what The Elephant has to offer, it would be good for business!

As well as Elephant Insurance being something that sticks in the memory and is hard to forget, the company has a logo which is reminiscent of the Hindu god Ganesh, the god of literature.

The reason why the dedicated page for Elephant Insurance isn't up here yet is a sticking point in the terms and conditions of their contract 2006/09/21, in which affiliates have to promise not to WRITE anything about the company, and furthermore if the affiliate is ever removed from the program, they have to take down ALL REFERENCE to Elephant Insurance. I think that sounds like silencing the freedom of speech, and I won't sign up to that. If I go into a cinema I'm not going to sign a contract saying I'm not going to write a film review, and I don't see that insurance companies are aloof from fair comment being made about them.

I've heard some companies say "But it's the FSA Guidelines". Well, there's no point in trying to hide behind the FSA. I phoned the FSA and found the people there to be very friendly and quite shocked to hear that some companies were trying to hide behind them saying it was the FSA that forbids free speech.

I would have thought all British insurance companies had the SAME FSA, and yet all these insurance companies are happy to be on here and to have fair reviews written about them. So, I wonder why The Elephant is imagined to be different?!

I've written about the FSA , and they are happy about that too. To get the FSA situation in perspective: The FSA are there to stop misrepresentation in the finance sector, for example interest rates being quoted wrongly. As what's said at this site is fair, true, a matter of personal experience, etc, that's alright. To get an idea of the sort of thing written about companies here, see the Insure & Go customer testimonial

I look forward to the day Elephant Insurance are agreeable to be advertised on this affiliate website. It would surely be good for business? If they change their tune and manage to avoid looking like Nellies, we will trumpet them loud.

Last time I looked, a Google.co.uk search for "insurance companies" revealed Zyra's website's insurance category to be Number1. So, if we're Number1 in the UK for insurance companies, it would be good to be with us, don't you think?

And another thing, The Elephant can stay off our meta-tags! What we do with our own meta-tags is entirely our own business and they are required for our own in-house software that keeps the site index up to date. The keywords might be open for negotiation, but meta-tags and titles are not. See other clauses to beware of when signing contracts. Incidentally, this "keywords" thing is nothing to do with bidding on searches. There is none of that PPC nonsense here!

Also see Baby Elephant UK which is nothing to do with insurance.