Buy.atZyra's website //// Affiliate Marketing //// What's that? //// Good Causes //// //// Site Index Shops for Good Causes has a speciality of helping good causes to make money by charitable affiliate-marketing. They've been doing this a long while and it works, and they do a lot of good. In their own words " fundraising webshops are completely FREE to set up and run. Your members and supporters get great value from their online shopping - and your group gets up to 10% of the purchase value towards your fundraising objectives". You don't need to be into the techie stuff, and the people at will provide support to help you to get the setup working for you. Fundraising for charities, schools, communities, and sports clubs is all made possible by the helpfulness* at I would ask a small favour if you would link there: Please visit the "find out more" links rather than using the phone.

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Other information: You are seeing this from , Zyra's website. Zyra does quite a lot of good in various ways but is not a charity! You haven't got to be a charity or even a good cause to be into affiliate marketing, but the special Webshops is an offer made exclusively to good causes. So, if you qualify, give it a try. Good luck!

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In case this link disappears, it's worth knowing it's supposed to go to

* Helpfulness at ? As measured some time ago, before they were taken over by AOL.

Please note that on Issue126, this was the ONLY link left up here at this site. All the rest have been moved. The only reason this has been left up is because it's charity.

(If there is any change of circumstances, for example (hypothetically) if AOL were to decide to dump the charities, please let me know!) was later taken over by Affiliate Window and enjoyed a much better time than when they were owned by AOL. See the New page here.