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Bentley's Travelware

You could link to Bentley's Travelware from here. "It's luggage that may be worth looking into".

From about 2001/07 the links appear to have expired.

So, where next for quality travelware/luggage? How about ARGOS? Yes, it's true they do some good luggage, and if you're buying online you should check the sizes and weights as well as the quality. For my international travel I got my luggage from Millets as it had a certain practicality and I knew it would soon start to look like an old kit bag! Anything valuable such as the laptop and digital camera was packed into generic hand luggage that didn't look as if it contained anything worth stealing.

Also see travel insurance

Update 2007/08: We now have a luggage category to connect with the travel checklist !

Although this page is bunged up, it's fair to say if Bentley's Travelware come back and have an affiliate program they will be welcomed back to have a dedicated page at this website!