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Astley Clarke
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New York and London style all in one jewellery boutique. Astley Clarke, fine collections featuring both precious and semi-precious stones.

Astley Clarke:

"Designer and fine jewellery from over twenty international jewellery designers. Online luxury boutique.

Astley Clarke™ is an online designer jewellery boutique. Our expert buying team have hand picked twenty precious and semi-precious jewellery collections from the world's most impressive jewellery designers to sell exclusively in our online boutique. Because half of our designers are from New York and half from London, we carry a truly unique mix of designer jewellery. If you have always wished for a jewellery boutique somewhere between Bond Street and Fifth Avenue, then you have arrived at the right destination.

All Astley Clarke jewellery is created with precious or semi-precious stones, gold, platinum, vermeil or silver. We sell absolutely no costume jewellery. Most of our collections are exclusively sold at Astley Clarke in the UK so you simply won't find our products anywhere else.

The thrill of receiving a little blue Astley Clarke box in the post cannot be equalled - Vogue.com

Beautifully gift-wrapped, next day delivery, no quibble returns".

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Astley Clarke

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A note about this: We like Astley Clarke and would like to promote them. Indeed, according to our friends at Affiliate Window we've already been doing very well in promoting Astley Clarke and have been good for business for some considerable time! However, in late 2008, they suspended this site from their affiliate program. Now although that may seem a poor decision, we do respect that everyone's got a right to an opinion, and anyone's got a prerogative to miss out if they so choose. Incidentally, we are on polite speaking terms with the people at Astley Clarke, and they have confirmed they are knowledgeable about the site, so it's not that they're dismissing it out-of-hand.

In terms of relevant content, Zyra's site has a page about Gold, and then there's the Diamonds page, and the info about Platinum, and then there's Weddings, and Snazziness, plus there's a list of Jewellers, and Astley Clarke was 4th on the list at the time, so it's hard to see what they could possibly be grumbling about. It may be that the style of the site is not to their taste. Well, it is a bit unconventional ;-) ... However, the site caters for all, and pages here differ in style according to what they're about. The punk page is quite different to the hard disc drive data recovery page, which is different again from the tax havens page. This dedicated page about Astley Clarke the Jewellers in particular was designed to be in keeping with the swish upmarket tidy style of Astley Clarke, perhaps a bit like the John Lewis page, or that of House of Fraser. Plus, these things are all connected up in-context.

Customers, you may be interested to know that other jewellers are available, or, if you still wish to visit Astley Clarke, there's nothing stopping you putting in the web address which is revealed as a matter of public information as: http://www.astleyclarke.com/

Astley Clarke, if you have a change of mind on this subject, and would like to resume being promoted here, you are very likely to be welcomed back, and then the link to http://www.awin1.com/awclick.php?mid=1433&id=11504 will be put back, and this page restored to being a dignified page promoting the company. You'll also get a "Welcome Back!". This kind of thing has happened before with a few other companies, and I dare say it will happen again.

In the meantime, the rivals of Astley Clarke are doing quite well at the page of Jewellers here.

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