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Accident Compensation Aid .com
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"The UK's No1 Claims management & Personal Injury lawyers (no win, no fee)"

Accident Compensation Aid: "Our team is made up of the best compensation lawyers in the country, this ensures that all customers are 100% satisfied with our service. Our aim is to offer a hassle free service that ensures you receive 100% of the compensation.

Pay nothing win or loose
Your team will fight your case to ensure the best possible results with a market leading success rate of 98% success rate In an unbelievable customer satisfaction of over 97%, it’s no wonder our customers are more than happy to recommend us.

www.accidentcompensationaid.com really stands out from its competition. Immediately the client knows if they have a case or not. a specialist team works on your behalf and the client is helped with car hire and advice with their employee. The client keeps 100% of the claim and is happy".

If you may have a valid legal claim worth pursuing at no expense to yourself...

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place!

The old link was to www.accidentcompensationaid.com - This was a special direct link tracked to a unique web address via an Independent affiliate program together with the UK Freefone 0800 XXX XXXX (removed) which was a free phone number which was specific to this site and for which we WERE SUPPOSED TO BE credited.

This has been bunged up, and I'll tell you why. Here's the story so far: In January 2007, an agreement was made between Accident Compensation Aid and ourselves. We were to be paid £100/month for the web presence including this custom-made page linked from the list of No Win No Fee Lawyers, plus, a further £100 for every valid claim that was brought to them via the special links and dedicated phone number.

I took the view that if you get an agreement in writing from a lawyer, you should be able to trust this to be kept.

What happened was, we received the first payment and paid the cheque in the bank, but after that, payments fell behind schedule.

On phoning the phone number of the lawyers, the response was generally "we'll phone you back", but calls were not returned.

I heard some time later that the company had been "taken over by A and B law" or "taken over by A and G law", or something like that. I can't vouch for the truth of that, but it is something that was stated by someone on the end of a phone line when I phoned on one occasion.

I'm very patient, but in May 2009 I phoned and I explained calmly, politely, but firmly, that if I did not get a phone call back as promised, or a payment, I would bung up this page and would write the story online.

No call was returned after three days, so, I have been true to my word, and I have now bunged up this page and written the story.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that something like this has happened. There have been several occasions where a company has ceased being true to their affiliate agreement but not kept the affiliates informed, instead just leaving all the links up so the affiliates work for nothing. For example, look at the appalling situation about V21 taken over by BISCIT, and then there's Lady Bwear, which was later found to have turned into a shoe shop!

Having said that, it's only fair to state the fact that MOST affiliate programs are settled amicably. There are several thousand merchants being promoted at this site, and most pay commission which is due, based on how much success is brought to them via this site. Even when an affiliate program ends, for example if the merchant goes broke, we don't get left in the lurch. Even MFI and Woolworths (or the administrators thereof) were fair in telling us what had happened, and the links were left in a reasonable state, not just cashing in on the affiliate or unfairly taking advantage of their trust.

Generally, the only time link trust is habitually misused is where cybersquatters (curses be upon them) acquire an expired domain, leaving folks whose honest sites still link to the old website in a state of being duped into giving support to parasites. Such roguery is not tolerated here, and there is a Policy against Bad Links in place here. If you find any link going to a cybersquatter, please report it! The links are then terminated at the next opportunity.

If you have a claim, here's something to consider: Other No Win No Fee Lawyers are available!