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MFI's snazzy Logo

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MFI are one of the UK's favourite furniture companies, who have always offered a wide range of furniture styles at value for money prices.Quality kitchen pic

MFI offer quality products from manufacturers such as Hygena, Schreiber, Bosch, Smeg and Silentnight. And deliver FREE in UK mainland and N. Ireland, but please note they do not deliver outside of the UK.

Visitors to their site can also plan their dream kitchen with their new Free Online Planning service and put your design talents to the test with their Design Online service.

Yummy sofaThe key to MFI's their success and growth, is that while offering a vast choice of styles, none of the quality is sacrificed.

In their own words: MFI.co.uk are the UK's number one kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and home office furniture retailer with over 30 years retail experience!

If you were tempted by this, here WAS the link:

The Link Was Here To Go To The Place! (see note at end)

http://www.mfi.co.uk affiliate marketing program was with Buy At but now it's been bunged up

Historical Special update note by the affiliate: When buying via links such as this it's important to buy online. This ensures fairness to all. Well Done to MFI for seeing fair play on this matter! We hope to continue to be good for business in the long-term future!

Update 2008/11/30: Sadly, "MFI" and "long-term future" seem to have become things that no longer fit well together. However, we did try to help! At the time of writing, there was a sign on the MFI.co.uk website which said "28th November 2008 MFI Group Limited (In Administration)" and went on to say in a calm and constructive way what was being done to try to resolve the current situation. In fact, you may still be able to have a look at this at... OUR OLD MFI LINK (no good, it just links back to the affiliate marketing company) and see what you think. The important thing at a time like this is: Don't Panic! I remember when Allders went, the assumption was that all affiliates would abandon them, but here the links remained up to try to help them in their time of need. I'm sure the Administrators of MFI will do their best to see fair play. On 2008/11/30 they said "In the event that certain orders are not fulfilled, it is the current intention of management to refund all cash / cheque and debit card depositors and allow credit card depositors to seek a refund from their credit card provider". Can't say fairer than that, can you?!

I am Zyra. I am an affiliate. I'm not MFI. I promote a great many companies, and there's a useful Shopping Portal with many other famous names on it. There are even quite a few in the Furniture business!

Of course a good page like this won't be wasted. It will be recycled, so it does some good for some of the other pages at this site. Plus, if MFI should ever resume and recover, they'll be welcome!

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