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Commission Junction

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Here is the page which should have the link to Commission Junction on it. This is where folks who'd like to join Commission Junction to be affiliates and merchants would follow the link and sign up! Except that our friends at Commission Junction have temporarily ceased having an affiliate recruiter program with themselves! Shucks! What's going on?! Now come on Commission Junction, let's be serious about this. You really should have an affiliate recruiter program! We are good for business and are tempting folks to join the afffiliate business all the time. There are pages at this site explaining about the affiliate business, and that's got to be good! Potential affiliates and merchants are visiting here from around the world. So, let's get back to having an affiliate recruiter program at CJ! The best affiliate recruiter programs to have are those with a revenue share. That also cuts out all that nonsense with silly people making up bogus accounts. Besides, we the honest affiliates don't mind waiting to be paid until the newly recruited genuine affiliates have actually done some good!

Anyway, if you're reading this page because you'd like to join Commission Junction, you are at liberty to type in the web address which is http;// , plus, it's only fair to say, other affiliate networks are available!

Come on, CJ! Let's get this link on this page back to being good for business!