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That which is known by the name "Excalibur".

Excalibur is of course the fabled sword of King Arthur. In addition to being a remarkably good sword, it's also a magical artifact whose powers are such that it is destined for the rightful monarch. The Arthurian Legend has been retold many times, with variations, including a movie which was quite well done.

Also, there are companies that have named themselves after Excalibur, this sword of legend. These are of course secondary to the original.

In the 21st Century there is a problem regarding this, because when you do a search for "Excalibur" on a search engine, Google for example, what SHOULD happen, obviously, is that the primary result should be about the magic sword of Arthurian legend. Then, the companies who have adopted the name should appear in some kind of order. When put to the test, Google failed to get this right! In my opinion (2012) Google is past its best and is failing to live up to expectations. This is further explained on pages about The Google Problem and the ridiculous Google Updates

Here's the sort of thing which SHOULD be forthcoming on a search for Excalibur...

Excalibur - legendary sword of King Arthur
The movie "Excalibur" is also mentioned on that page, as it is a cinematographic retelling of Arthurian Legend.

Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas www.excalibur.com

Excalibur Dehydrators www.excaliburdehydrator.com

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Excalibur - Apache Excalibur - a Linux open-source piece of software in servers http://excalibur.apache.org

Excalibur Cutlery - quality steel tableware

Excalibur Almaz - space business solutions - "Excalibur Almaz Limited (EA) is an international commercial space transportation company based in the Isle of Man".

Excalibur Crossbows - www.excaliburcrossbow.com - accurate hunting crossbows

Excalibur Nightclub Chicago - www.excaliburchicago.com

Excalibur Publishing - www.excalibur-publishing.com - magazine for people that love simulations - truck simulators - air traffic control - driving simulator - circus - etc

Excalibur Comics - www.excaliburcomics.net - the oldest comic book shop in Portland, Oregon

Excalibur LaTeX Spell Checker - http://excalibur.sourceforge.net - open-source Macintosh spell-checker

Excalibur Community Fencing Club - www.excalibur.org.au - sabre, foil, and epee - southwest metro area of Perth, Western Australia

Excalibur Mineral Corp - www.excaliburmineral.com - it's surprising what you find in the stone

Excalibur Show - www.excalibur-show.com - Celtic Rock Opera - Arthurian legend performance

Excalibur Automobile - www.excaliburclassics.com/story.html - Camelot Classic Cars

Excalibur Gymnastics - http://excalibur-gymnastics.com - Virginia Beach

Excalibur Web Hosting - it's spelt slightly differently: www.xcalibre.co.uk

Excalibur Leather - www.excaliburleather.com - period clothing and steampunk stuff

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Excalibur Electronics - www.excaliburelectronics.com - online electronics catalogue

Excalibur Systems - www.mil-1553.com - military electronics

Excalibur Seasoning - www.excaliburseasoning.com - food and culinary products

Excalibur Kitchens - www.excalibur-kitchens.co.uk - replacement kitchen cupboard doors

Excalibur Jewelry - http://excaliburjewelry.com - vintage engagement rings


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The Google search for terms such as "excalibur" reveals another thing: The search results are different in different places. This is deceptive and misleading. For example in Panama, Zyra link bannera Google world search for "excalibur" has the sword at number 16, whereas the same search on the same search engine in Leicester, has the sword at number 3.

In contrast, most search engines have a consistent product. You do a search for something, and it's reliably the same anywhere.

My thought on this is that if Google can't pull Excalibur from the Internet as it should, then Google is no longer worthy to be the Monarch of Search.

A similar example of Google failing to get things right is this: If you are looking at Google Earth at the Mariana Trench, and then you decide to contrast that with Mount Everest, so you search for "Everest", Google Earth takes you to the office of Everest Double Glazing, which isn't exactly a world class landmark.