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CJ Ringrevenue

Commission Junction RingRevenue

In 2011, Commission Junction extended its reach. In addition to the well tried and trusted percentage-of-sale online affiliate marketing, CJ added per-phone-call affiliate programs in the form of CJ RingRevenue.

Despite the overhead of creating a unique phone number for each affiliate*merchant relationship, the per-call system has advantages to long-term affiliates who have a persistent web presence.

Zyra's website had been in the affiliate business for ten years when CJ Ringrevenue phone numbers started being added. The first phone number to be added was the Toll-Free Auto Parts Warehouse phone number

It would be nice if CJ Ringrevenue had an affiliate recruiter program. However, at the time writing, it hasn't yet. If you'd like to join CJ Ringrevenue, you can apply for Commission Junction and then join CJ Ringrevenue when the opportunity arises.