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Blockbuster Total Access

Don't go out and buy a video game or movie, you can rent them and have them delivered to your door! It's true join Blockbuster Total Access, follow their three steps and you can have new movies to watch at home every week.

Blockbuster Total Access:

"BLOCKBUSTER Total Access™, the convenient, flexible way to rent DVDs online, with over 80,000 titles to chose from!

BLOCKBUSTER Total Access gives the convenience of renting movies online with a choice of how to return them: send them back by mail or exchange them for new movies or discounted game rentals at participating BLOCKBUSTER® stores (up to plan limits on exchanges).

How it worksBlockbuster Total Access

Three easy steps:

- Select your movies online

- Receive your movies by mail

- Post the movies back or return them to your local store".

Simple really!

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

The Link WAS Here to Go To The Place!

http://www.blockbuster.com/ affiliate program is with Commission Junction. Well they may think it's Total Access, but sadly the affiliate program has gone, which tends to make this "Total Access" thing appear rather silly as the access looks far from total!

Nevertheless, Blockbuster is still alive in the UK.

Surely Blockbuster USA can get their act together better than this. Does anyone know the way? There's got to be a way! Maybe they could have an affiliate program somewhere or other? And then let us know, and we can then add the links back on this page.