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Reach for the popcorn it's movie time! Any time is a good time to look at films, therefore we are pleased to promote Blockbuster.


"Blockbuster Inc. (NYSE: BBI and BBI.B) was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1985 and is a leading global provider of in-home movie and game entertainment. Blockbuster Inc. is a leading provider of videos, DVDs and video games, making it one of the strongest entertainment brands in the world. In 20 years, BLOCKBUSTER has grown from a single video rental store to nearly 9000 company-operated and franchised stores throughout the United States, its territories and 24 other countries.

The business operations are divided into 2 regions - North America (USA and Canada) based in Dallas, and International (11 corporate markets and 12 Franchise markets) based in Uxbridge in the UK, which is also the headquarters of Blockbuster UK.

The first Blockbuster store in the UK opened in March 1989 (Walworth Road, London) and the UK is now the largest Blockbuster business outside the US, with over 700 stores and about 5 million member accounts. Blockbuster UK is no longer just a video rental store. Rental is the core strength of the business, but there are also retail propositions for movies, games, drinks and confectionery. Blockbuster's goal is to be a complete source for movies and games - rental, retail, new, used or traded-in, in-store or online.

In October 2002, Blockbuster acquired the UK-based games retailer, Gamestation. The Gamestation chain currently has more than 200 stores across the UK including concessions in some Blockbuster stores. Blockbuster is always looking for ways to offer its customers more, and for many people a Great Night In is sitting down with friends and family to enjoy a magical movie, and relaxing with a bottle of wine or a beer. To provide all the elements of a Great Night In under one roof, in October 2002 a range of wine and beer was introduced to a small selection of stores and, following a successful trial, the range is now in about 80 stores.

Blockbuster - the UK’s largest movie rental store - is now online! For just £14.99 a month, customers can receive unlimited DVD rentals through www.blockbuster.co.uk, and for every customer who decides to signup receives a 2 week FREE trial".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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