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Search Galore

Actual LINK page

We have had a banner here that looked like this:Search Galore - Search the Web

However, in late 2008 the affiliate links became 404 errors and so, sad as it may seem, it has had to be replaced with a stuffed version instead of the original.

We have tried to contact Search Galore, but the e-mails bounced.

So, now what? Well we can't leave broken links on the site, or it will not be good for searches. Also, it's all very well Search Galore having an affiliate program, but if we can't contact them and the links don't work, it's difficult to see how we're going to get paid!

So, it's just had to be bunged up

Hey, people at Search Galore! If you're reading this, please e-mail and let's get this sorted out. In the meantime, customers, you have a choice of search engines, and various submit your website resources

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