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a picture in Green

Photo of Zyra in Evergreen

I had hoped for christmas trees, to show the evergreen principle. The picture still works, though. The background scenery with leafy trees is all greyish but in the foreground Zyra is in startling green. This picture appeared on the front page of Issue108 of Zyra's website, and continued from then until the next surrealist model shot was taken.

The original photo was taken using an inexpensive Axia ix-100 camera, as the Canon EOS350D (serial number 043227773) had been stolen in Belize. If you're wondering why it's not been replaced at the time of Issue109, it's because I'm waiting for the Canon EOS450D to be released, presumably in March 2008.

Zyra's outfit in this modelling shot was made by adding together various items from diverse shops in Camden Market and other Alternative Markets

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